What can become a blessing most?? TARGET!!!

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What a wonderful 8 months it has been for I’M A PRETTY LITTLE BLACK GIRL! And to top it all off, TARGET has just expanded the books in their retail stores — and now the books will be available in more than double the number of TARGET retail stores across the nation!

This is the kind of blessing that creates more blessings.

Being a faith based person, I believe that love multiplies love. When I created this first book, I simply wanted readers to pick up the book, see the happy colors, feel the smooth high quality dust jacket and be dazzled with the glitter across the title. I wanted them to feel the love that went into creating something special and spectacular just for their enjoyment and delight. Because of this shared love, the love was returned by gifting the books, purchasing the books for girls and women, sharing the excitement through social media and word-of-mouth. So much so, that retailers had to take notice when the books sold out and needed to reorder for their customers!

This love expanded and continues to expand. With TARGET again leading the way, we continue to celebrate diversity — and share the love!Author, BETTY K. BYNUM MARTHA'S VINEYARD SUMMER MADNESS 8.10.14

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