We Just got Bling’d UP for the Holidays! Glitter-all-the-way!

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The I’M A PRETTY LITTLE BLACK GIRL! books just got a bit prettier, so to speak! Just in time for the holidays that come with shiny ornaments and silver bells – our book cover has bling’d it up to give our girls the glitter-fun they deserve!

With the original shiny title, we have added a shiny border with glitzy new shiny hearts all around the book character “Mia” – and it sure makes her look like she enjoys the shine!

Getting glitter on the book cover was a very methodical and time consuming process. But our girls deserve to have a book that is created especially for them that shines a little bit more from the store shelves. It is hard work to accomplish things that really matter, but as I heard Oprah say on her shows so many times that “Love is in the details”. And I created and added this new glitter cover to show my love for our girls from my heart to theirs – and yep, with SHINY HEARTS!!!

In any business, it takes a lot of dedication and passion for what you do to really create great details that are right your audience.

Lovely details — that fill the void of what was never there before to celebrate our girls as they should be celebrated.

Lovely details — that have been missing far too long.

But lovely details take a lot of planning and tenacity to manifest. Those special, lovely details that we know are a reflection of what all little girls love – and little girls love

It sounds so simple doesn’t it? But when was the last time you saw a big, glitzy, shiny over-the-top fun, glittery book cover on a book for little Black girls? (I’ll wait while you think about it – add Jeopardy theme music here.)

Please, enjoy, enjoy, ENJOY the new book cover! It was created with love — and detailed with even more love for our girls. This new cover will be here just in time for Christmas. But make sure you grab yours early. They are sure to go fast because…..Glitter waits for no one!!

Consider it as my gift of honoring our girls at Christmas and always. A keep it as a reminder that you should always…..shine on!!



  1. Congratulations Betty, again and again! I’m looking forward to the new release of this wonderful book.

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  2. Love this. This is so encouraging and beautiful. Keep writing Betty.

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