To Blog or not to Blog — Yes, I admit it. I suck at being a blog writer.

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Yes, I admit it. I suck at being a blog writer.


Why??  Because I’ve succeeded with a lot of hard work at being a published one!  And a film writer, a novelist, a songwriter and proud to say, a decently successful entrepreneur on the way to being an even better one!

Can we count the ways to social media, these days?? I’ll wait while you start the count……….

Blogging for me is like…trying to row a boat with one paddle.  I can’t seem to get all of my creative energies capsulated into a short blurb. I like talking, (to which my husband and kid can testify!) and I love writing.  So to blog is like just opening a door, saying hi, grabbing a drink and leaving the party.  And I like a good party, because I love good people so I like to stay a while and share.

So, alas, I will try to blog more because everyone LOVES, truly loves — THE I’M A GIRL COLLECTION and all of the wonderful products and developments we have.  But…

To know more, follow us and “like” us on Facebook or Twitter.  I do quick posts on both very often.

Facebook: The I’m A Girl Collection in books and apparel — and — I’m A Pretty Little Black Girl in books and apparel.

And when I have something marvelous to talk about, I’ll try to be informative by sitting and sharing. And not leave the party!

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