The Comfort of Books: The “Ahhh” of Escapism that Pages Can Create

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In this electronic cyberspace, hand-held device world, there is nothing so comforting as an actual book.

Being able to turn pages and feel the texture of the page within your fingertips against the anticipation of where the book will take you…Ahhhh.

When my kid was about 4 years old, he and his friend of the same age wanted to read books after they had just come in from playing outside. I always demanded that hands be washed before handling books. But this kid had never been addressed with that discipline I suppose, and reached a muddy hand for “Curious George” to which I shrieked loudly. My kid turns to him and says, “Never mind her, she’s just book-crazy.”

I guess I am still book crazy. And it soothes my soul to know that now as an Independent publisher, I can actually write and create books.

Like really great movies, books create a world to which you can escape. This has been said many times, and it is more true now than ever before.  How many times have you held a book in your hands and wished you could jump into the story and leave this world — just momentarily? Books sometimes can create a place for us, a place of belonging outside of the world that seemingly does not address our whims, needs, desires, or perhaps invite us to live out fantasies of what we would really like for ourselves. I may oversimplify this, but most voracious readers feel this way. You can see the sign hovering across their head, “Don’t bother me, I’m reading. And I’ve escaped to another world, right now.”


It is my hope, that these books will bring some kind of personal joy. And inside of the pages, there will be found a genuine excitement and a kind of peace for our kids to see themselves. And mostly for our boys, a book-space created just for them in which may they find a great comfort.

Believing always,


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