The books are back in stock — and selling fast! Go get yours..NOW!

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Hey there, hi there!  The first round of books, I’M A PRETTY LITTLE BLACK GIRL! sold out so quickly that we reordered more for the demand!  Now, the books that are now restocked are selling out fast!  Go get yours before they are all gone!


And a bit of great news: The apparel line is being launched for summer!   We were so overwhelmed with book orders that the apparel was put on hold for a while.’s coming!  Stay tuned, great things are a-cookin up for I’M A PRETTY LITTLE BLACK GIRL! and THE I’M A GIRL COLLECTION!  Whooooooo hooooooo!


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  1. When we were kids back in the 1950’s we sang a song called “I am a Pretty Little Dutch Girl, as pretty as pretty can be” only because we picked up the song from a book or from someone else. When I had children of my own in the late 1960 and early 1970’s I changed that song to “I am a Pretty Little Black Girl , as pretty as pretty can be”!!! I am so, so very pleased to see our book with the name reflected in the title. Thank you for continuing to help our generations of children realize that they are as pretty and most of the time prettier without the blond hair and blue eyes of the words depicted in those old songs. Have a blessed day.

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