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How did we come this far?  By the grace of God, I assure you.

If anyone has read interviews or read any articles about the journey of getting this book published, then you will have an idea of how amazing it is to be nominated for the honor of this award. It is no small feat to find the I’M A PRETTY LITTLE BLACK GIRL!  book title among other works by major publishing houses that were created, edited, financed and marketed with a wheelhouse of huge corporate funds that make my little independent book financing look like —  not peanuts, but the peanut crumbs.

I feel like it’s a “David and Goliath moment” to be nominated in this category with the major publishing houses.

Everything — and I mean EVERYTHING AND EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of   “I’M  A PRETTY LITTLE BLACK GIRL!”  book from conception to execution to marketing and distribution was done by my sole and individual efforts alone, and on my own dime.  Why? Because the book title was either dismissed, rejected or showed the exit door by several MAJOR publishers because of the title. (One of the major publishers that rejected the title is listed in this competition with my book for the same award!).

I stood my ground to make sure the words “Pretty Black Girl” would remain in the title and that everything in the book would serve to reflect that title because more importantly, the title reflects our girls.  Our girls need to see themselves celebrated and told that yes, they ARE pretty. The effort is to lift their self-esteem and belief in themselves for how they were beautifully and naturally created and show them in bright, happy colors!  They need this so desperately to guard against the media backlash in presenting images that do not show them on magazine covers and picture book images as the gorgeous beings they truly are, and I wanted to help change this with I’M A PRETTY LITTLE BLACK GIRL!

So, if you have ever in your life been happy and ecstatic about an achievement that you have accomplished, just multiply that times 1000 and you will know now how happy I am right now with this nomination!!  Whoooo hoooooo!!!

Words cannot express how grateful I am to the NAACP for this lovely honor.  It tells me in so many ways, that not giving up and not giving in on what I believed to be right and serviceable has been recognized. I closed the door to my bedroom and cried a lot of tears over the four years as I worked to get this book published.  This little book took a monumental effort to achieve.

The publishing industry has changed.  The self-publishing arena is now wide open to independents who believe in their own voice and their own words.  Stick to your beliefs and what makes your heart pound with joy.

And if you keep going, you just may find yourself like me, the “David” in the NAACP OUTSTANDING LITERARY WORKS  for CHILDREN in the same category in competition with the “Goliaths”.

Stay blessed and prosper,




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  1. You are truly an inspiration! I hope your compelling story is shared with both our youth and mature adults (all races genders).

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