“MIA” Doll makes her historic debut July 10th for I’M A PRETTY LITTLE BLACK GIRL! BOOK

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Mia is here! Yes, oh yes!

As the historic first book-based Black doll for a contemporary lead book character starring in her own story, MIA as distributed by MADAME ALEXANDER DOLLS, INC will debut on July 10th to great and happy book followers of I’M A PRETTY LITTLE BLACK GIRL! books!

How amazing, that in less than a year on the shelves of TARGET and BARNES AND NOBLE, and after hitting #1 number one on the top of Amazon’s best seller’s list in African American children’s books that the MIA doll is now here!

Please visit our website  www.theimagirlcollection.com  for updated information as we get closer to the date that you can have your very own MIA doll!

Hooray, Mia!

Yes, You are all that we have been waiting for!

BlessingsP 39 Pretty Little Black Girl[2]


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