Imagine a World. No, don’t — Because We Already Have It..

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What if the earth only had one kind of tree?  Or one kind of flower, bird, dog, cat or fish?   How boring and mundane that would be!  Particularly considering the vast beauty that the earth offers us everywhere, EVERYWHERE we look.  The next time you walk in the park, count as many different trees and flowers that you see — believe me, you will never see the park the same again because you will marvel at the differences that all grow together harmoniously in one place intertwining their roots and sharing nourishment –because without each other, they perish.

And…what if WE all looked alike?  The same color, height, hair color, eye color — and what if men were just the “male reflection” of a woman, exactly?

If this kind world existed, we would miss all the incredible beauty that we see in each other — our many different and beautiful skin tones, hair textures, eye shapes, heights and weights.  As for me, I enjoy stepping out of my door and seeing the many different people from all over the country and the world.  It is an amazing warm quilt of colors that the human race is, isn’t it?

Let’s celebrate each other. Let’s honor each other.  Let’s look at each other and see the beauty that makes us all a celebration of differences and yet one race — the human  race.

As I once heard Dr. Wayne Dyer say: “Change the way YOU look at things, and the things you look at will change”.

There is a lot of beauty all around, you just have to “look” at it to “see” it.


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