Great new things coming for I’M A PRETTY LITTLE BLACK GIRL! book brand!

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There is a line from a movie, where one person asks another, “What do you do when your dreams exceed your reality?” And the listener responds, “Keep it to yourself”.  LOL!   I always thought that this response was the true sign of someone who had not had their own dreams realized. Having dreams can be hard, because getting your dreams to reality is even harder. Dreams take a lot of time, determination, effort, and a heap of faith and blessings.  Well, guess what?  All of that WILL come together to make your dreams the reality that you want for yourself and for those you care about.  I’M A PRETTY LITTLE BLACK GIRL! began as only a scribble on a half piece of paper torn out of a notebook binder.  Now…the books landed Target, Barnes & Noble, other major retail stores and the #1 NUMBER ONE spot on Amazon a few times — has SOLD OUT TWICE and is now into its third printing within 7 and a half months.  How awesome is that for a self-funded, self-published, self-directed FIRST TIME AUTHOR??!!

To have a dream is to have the courage of it.

I always dreamed and envisioned that this one book would lay the ideas to develop a full scale brand of wonderful items for girls.  And now, it is doing just that.

Great things are coming for THE I’M A GIRL COLLECTION with the titles of I’M A PRETTY LITTLE BLACK GIRL!; I’M A LOVELY LITTLE LATINA!; I’M AN AWESOME ASIAN GIRL!; HOORAY! I’M A GIRL in the U.S.A.!; I’M AN INCREDIBLE INDIAN GIRL…..and so much more. I'mAGirlCollection_021

So, stay tuned. Great new things are coming for ALL of our girls.  And I am sure as the song goes, you will be HAPPY!  So our girls will start dancing on the sunshine of personal acknowledgement with a “self-appreciation celebration” — and clap along feeling like a room without a roof!!!

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