Great things are coming for “I’M A PRETTY LITTLE BLACK GIRL!” book lovers!

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I love it when people find I’M A PRETTY LITTLE BLACK GIRL! and celebrate by sharing it with others!  How wonderful.

Well, there will be a lot more to share on this book and all that is coming our way with Dolls and Apparel!

It will be a love-fest for our girls with pink and white cotton-candy sweet items that they will surely adore.  If you ever wanted to show the world how much you appreciate your own personal brand of “pretty”, we are about to help you and your girls do just that in a lovely, yet affordable way!

It has taken a while to develop these items so that they are oh-so-sweet, but great things take time, right?  And with this, we want to have our items created with just the right amount of love in all the details!

Stand by, good things are coming your way!

Blessings abundantly,




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  1. My best friend met you, ( Betty) at one of your book signing. She was jazzed to give the book to my granddaughter. When she presented the book to her, my granddaughter stared happily at the cover and said excitedly, “Look Namee, that little girl looks like me… see, the sun kisses her skin too!” “Okay, Namee, let’s read it together, you read a page to me and I’ll read a page to you.”
    Your book has become one of our favorites. Chyane ( my granddaughter) is Mia and I’m Charlotte. We are waiting for the dolls to come.
    Look out American Girls, I’m a Girl Collection is coming!

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